Ample Experience

As a seasoned Taiwan manufacturer of IT power and heatsink products, GlacialTech management leverages all their expertise, coupling together all the necessary experience to manufacture the best LED lights in the business. The cost effective solutions make GlacialLight stand out as a brand to be reckoned with. GlacialLight has an impressive R&D team with a great deal of experience in power control, thermal management as well as optimal design capabilities. The alignment of such experience brings direct savings to development as well as a reduction in the time taken for development of these economical green LED lighting products. GlacialLight is clearly well positioned to enhance its contribution to the global need to save energy to conserve our planet.

The new green light bulbs come in two models, with the 3WW model having a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 3000K, and the 3CW model having a CCT of 6000K. The former displays a LUX of 155 (1m), while the latter is brighter with 227 lux (1m). Both display between an angle of 10°/30° and fall under a 2 year warranty. The best operating temperatures are between -20°C ~+40°C. The LED lights are rated at 35,000Hrs lifetime and can fit in a standard GX5.3 base socket. The MR16 LED lights can fit most halogen MR16 bulb sockets without the need for a converter or adapter.

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