An original agreement

The main Osram patent involves conversion technology which enables the production of white or coloured LEDs using blue emitting InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride) based chips and suitable fluorescent converters.

An original agreement involving LEDs for lighting and automotive markets between the companies was signed in 2003.

In addition the parties agreed on a cross-license which allows OSRAM to use Everlight´s housing patents.

Osram said it remains committed to protecting its IP.

“Today's agreement is a perfect example for a productive and fair collaboration. But we will also continue to vigorously enforce our patent rights against companies making unauthorised use of our intellectual property,” said Gerd Pokorny, general counsel of Osram.

Pokorny indicated a recent judgement by the High Court of Appeal in Beijing, that LEDs manufactured by the Taiwanese manufacturer Kingbright in China, infringed Osram's conversion patents.

Osram has extended its existing licence agreement with Taiwanese manufacturer Everlight Electronics covering sales of white and coloured LEDs.

The patent-swap agreement is seen as the start of closer cooperation between the two companies.

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